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July 04 2017

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Belá Krieger (Hungarian, 1861 -?)

Design for Jewelry, circa 1899


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The piece, called Miserere Mei Deus by Gregorio Allegri, was probably written sometime during the 1630s, and was only played at the Wednesday and Friday Tenebrae services during Holy Week at the Vatican. When he was 14, Mozart heard the piece once, transcribed it from memory, then returned to the following service to make minor corrections. He presented it to the Pope a year later, who awarded him with the Order of the Golden Spur.

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July 03 2017

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Microscopic Miniature Monday!  

Few books in the world are smaller than this set: Calendar and Birth Stone: Toppan Micro Trio, from the Toppan Printing Company, 1979-80. This set includes: Birth Stone, Language of Flowers, and The Zodiacal Signs and Their Symbols. 2x2 millimeters, each with a copy 10x larger that is easier to read. From the Charlotte Smith Miniature Book Collection.

Can’t get enough of tiny books?  It was just over a year ago that another Toppan book in our collection made news in The Atlantic after we posted here on Tumblr about trying to identify a micro-miniature Bible, which was revealed to be a Toppon Bible from the 1960s.  But the Toppan company did not stop at 2mm.  Here is a link to read about the 0.75 mm book they made just last year!

Enjoy the beloved books in your life, large or small :)

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Franz von Bayros (Austrian, 1866 – 1924)

Illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy, Vienna, 1921

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July 02 2017

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July 01 2017

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-Adelheid the Fierce Hunter-

“A refined marksman with incredible skill. Adelheid had plenty of experience as a huntress even before her journey to Yharnam, yet she too learned plenty of new things while facing the beast hunt. She can relate with Wolfram’s sympathy for the people of Yharnam and with other hunters such as Simon the Harrowed, but she is too sharp as to not see the truth behind their self-inflicted misery, thus her sympathy is often limited. Unlike Hector she has no concern for the Great Ones as long as they don’t stand in her way, otherwise they will face death as anything else that bothers her. Therefore Adelheid chooses the path of awakening, where she leaves Yharnam and the Hunter’s Dream behind, after cleaning up their own bloody mess.”

One of three Bloodborne Hunter OCs I created years ago, but am still in love with to this day. <3 She is the first of my creations and actually originates from my original story EYES OF ENIGMA, where she relentlessly hunts the blood alchemist Vorago. Her stats are mostly balanced, but her profession lies with skill and bloodtinge and good old vitality. Her weapons of choice are the Reiterpallasch and Simon’s Bowblade, while wearing the Yharnam Hunter garb and Lady Maria’s hat. (she originally had no hat, but after the victory against Maria she just had to wear it) Her iconic trademarks are platinum grey eyes and a little birth mark next to her right eye. 

All hunters done! <3 <3

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An audience member stopped World Science Festival host Jim Holt from speaking over physics professor Veronika Hubeny

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From Marilee Talkington’s post:

So, after thinking about this over night, I’ve decided to share something that happened at the WORLD SCIENCE FESTIVAL yesterday afternoon in NYC that changed me. Or rather made me step into who I am in a larger way.

As some on my feed have seen, I was live-feeding the beginning of the panel discussion on FB. That panel was made up of some of the greatest and most famous minds in the world in Inflationary Cosmology, String Theory, Cosmology and Physics based Philosophy. The panel was made up of 5 men and 1 woman. And the moderator was a science writer and journalist for The New Yorker.

In the first hour of the panel discussion you can see clearly, if watching the video, that Veronika Hubeny, the only woman on the panel is barely given any opportunity to speak. And the Moderator, Jim Holt even acknowledges this.

In the last 20-30 minutes of the 90 minute discussion Jim Holt finally pushes the conversation to Hubeny’s field of expertise, string theory, and this is what ensued:

He asked her to describe her two theories of string theory that seem to contradict one another.

And THEN, without letting her answer, proceeded to answer for her and describe HER theories in detail without letting her speak for herself.

We could clearly see that she was trying to speak up. But he continued to talk over her and dominate the space for several minutes.

I should say that this panel was taking place in a large auditorium as it is an extremely high-profile and always sold-out event. And the panel discussion was being live-streamed across the world and they say that millions of people watch these videos after they are made public. (Which they already are).

So at this point, after seeing very clearly that she was not going to be given space to speak and in fact having her own theories described to the audience by the moderator, I am in full outrage. My body is actually beginning to shake. The sexism is beyond blatant. It is happening on stage and NO ONE, not a single other physicist or panelist is stepping in to say anything about it. And I can hear other audience members around me, both men and women becoming more and more agitated with what is happening. Jim Holt, even at one point, asks Veronica a question and she laughs because he has been answering his own questions about her work…and he makes fun of her for ‘giggling’.

So at some point while he is Still talking about Her theories, I just can’t handle it any longer.

With my hands shaking,

I finally say from my seat in the 2nd row of the audience, as clearly, directly and loudly as possible;

“Let. Her. Speak. Please!”

The moderator stops.

They all stop.

The auditorium drops into silence.

You could hear a pin drop.

And then the audience explodes with applause and screams.

Jim Holt eventually sat back, only after saying I was heckling him
And he let her speak.
And of course, she was brilliant.


So, the panel discussion ends.

My hands are still shaking. I’m still upset by the incredible sexism that has been demonstrated this afternoon. But I also realize that I just spoke up in an auditorium full of people that are listening to people that are considered gods in the international science world. I was just overwhelmed by it all

We get up to leave.

And then it happens.

Person after person come up to me. Both men and women.

The first woman, right behind me, reaches over and embraces me and says, “Oh my god. what you said was the most important thing that was said all day. Thank you. Thank you.”

And then people start filing out of their aisles and wind their way over to me:

“Was that you? Thank you so much for speaking up. Thank you.”

“Was that you? Oh god, what he was doing was horrific. Thank you. I wanted to do something but didn’t know how”

“Was that you? I wish I had the courage to say something, thank you! Thank you so much”

“Was that you? You said what everyone here was thinking. Look I had even been writing in my notebook what you eventually said (shows me his notebook with ‘let her speak’ written over and over.) But you said it. You said it. Thank you.”

“Was that you? Thank you! I felt so powerless to do anything.”

And on.

So we were all thinking this.

So I walked out. And my friend who was sitting about 8 rows behind me, came up to me with a huge grin and said
“That was you, wasn’t it? Of course it was. YES!!!!! I will be telling this story for years.”

And the whole time, my hands are still shaking. And I’m felling light-headed. And I just want to scream out into the lobby “WHY IS THIS SEXISM STILL HAPPENING? WHY, does someone like me, with No status in that room, have to be so extraordinarily bold and speak up? And why was it so frightening to do so?”

And I’m thinking. “God, please god let this be an opening for those that were here today and the tens of thousands that watched the live-streaming of the panel yesterday and the hundreds of thousands that will watch the video this year- to speak up when we see this happening. And please let me not be afraid to do this again
…and again
…and again”
Because it was scary.

Please keep giving me courage.

June 30 2017

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June 27 2017












seven days

six days

five days

four days

don’t listen to him, it’s nothing important

three days

two days

one day

ryan im scared

happy room-iversary

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Theano G.

“Treasure I”

“Treasure II”

“Treasure III”

“Treasure IV”

Mixed Media

DIN A3- 170g/m2


Lanaken, Belgium

“Treasures” is a mini series of 4 artworks /drawings i made during my stay in Glo’Art residency.
Materials i used: gold leaves, pieces of wood, pencil, charcoal, gold chains and dried flowers.“







my favourite thing about the ancient egyptian numerals is that once you get to a certain point really high up in numbers you just have this little guy holding out his arms saying “a whole fuckin lot of numbers”

dont know why this got notes but i figured itd be relevant to add that the little guy’s name is “heh”


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takemiya keiko

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Nomi Song Paper

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